Hey there everyone!

We are considering the possibility of childcare here, we understand that as a parent, its sometimes difficult to work out and keep an eye on your child all at once. We also understand that some of you have children that really don’t require childcare and are old enough to be responsible and stay out of the way, so we thought we would put a poll out there to see if there is interest first. Even if you are not a member of CFSB, and you are thinking about joining, you may answer this poll.

Things you should know before you take the poll

1. All parents will be required to fill out a waiver (whether they use childcare or not) for their children.

2. We will have a childproofed room that is easily accessible for the parent but out of sight where you child will be cared for by a CPR and first aid qualified member of our staff.

3. The price will be nominal, there will be a option for adding it to your monthly membership and using it in an unlimited service, or if you do not intend  on using often, a separate drop in fee. It will also be discounted if you add a second or third child.

4. You will have to sign into classes for this service, there will be a cap on the number of children within each age bracket (so that we can control the amount of children for the sitter so she is within her span of control.)

5. There will be an age limit within the class, and your older children may be allowed to stay out in the gym, if they are responsible enough to do so.

6. We will have a list of rules that the parents and children MUST abide by, or the child will not be allowed into childcare or the gym. These will be common sense rules to keep your child safe 🙂

Once we have collected your responses from the polls, the childcare service will be created to meet the needs of those who answered the poll. SO if you are interested, ANSWER THE POLL!