As of this coming monday, it is exactly 5 weeks away from the Indiana Open Weightlifting Competition. We already have a few guys and a few new females going! For those of you interested in brushing up on some olympic weightlifting in the meantime, I have a 5 week program that tapers exactly to that date of the competition.

If you would like me to add you to the list of people to send the google doc to, post your name and email address to comments…but before you do, there are some things you should know about the program.

1. This is a WEIGHTLIFTING program, meaning, the focus is primarily on weightlifting, not crossfit. It is NOT taking in to account that you may be doing Crossfit off to the side, and does not adjust percentages accordingly to how banged up you may or may not be. This program will peak for a max snatch and clean and jerk on the weekend of December 14th.

2. The weightlifting is time consuming, it is 5 days a week of Snatch/Clean and Jerk/Squatting/Pulling work. If you do this program, you do it 5 days a week. It also takes anywhere around an 1+ hours to do. So plan your time accordingly through the day.

3. Get to know the movements prior to hitting me up daily asking me about them, AND look at them before you come in to do your training session, its a pain in the ass to google everything while you are here trying to squeeze your lifting into a small time frame. Every movement that is in the program, has an accompanying video on Catalyst athletics where you can see what the movement is. Search it, study it, practice it.

4. If your time is limited, you will have to lower your volume of Crossfit work you are doing to really focus on the lifting, keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t try and blend the two together to make a super program that you made yourself.

5. If your snatch/clean maxes are limited significantly by technique, the prescribed weights for snatch/clean pulls/deadlifts will be too light. Move these up accordingly with the understanding that pulls must be fast at the top, and both pulls and deadlifts MUST be performed with perfect snatch/clean pulling positions and postures.

6. The sets and repetitions are often times set up different in a weightlifting cycle,

where as we will post…

3 x 5  (3 sets of 5 repetitions)

they will post

3 x 5 (3 repetitions with 5 sets)


1 x 3 (1 repetition with 3 sets)

meaning, you hit one, and rest accordingly between sets.

or you will see

1 x 2 – 3 (1 repetitions with 2 or 3 sets, depending on how you feel)

7. If you do the cycle, you do the cycle and fit in Crossfit when you can. If you are short on time that is

If you have plenty of time, you do the cycle, cut the strength work out of our programming, and do the conditioning work as long as it doesn’t conflict with your lifting for the following days or is too aggressive.

8. Come in during the open gym times to do the lifting, know the open gym RULES and follow them, respect them. Come in when the open gym time starts, and leave when it ends. We would very much like open gym to work for everyone, so don’t screw it up for everyone!