3×10 Sandbag get ups

*heavy but keep the movement constant in the sandbag get ups – no pauses


1x max effort toes to bar

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

perform 50% of the repetitions you did for your max set


7 minute ladder

3 Deadlifts 155/105

20 Double Unders

6 Deadlifts 155/105

20 Double Unders

9 Deadlifts 155/105

20 Double Unders

*continue up the ladder as long as you are able, deadlifts move up by +3, double unders remain the same at 20 repetitions.

now enjoy this video of Andrey Malanichev Squatting 440kg (968lbs) x 3 reps “Raw with wraps”


We have a guest writer, a little encouragement from Mike Cerbus about signing up for an Olympic Weightlifting Competition

Why would I ever want to enter a weightlifting meet?? As a crossfitter, that question has begun to pop up more frequently with the immersion of weightlifting as a valuable skill and rewarding training component. The answers can vary from bucket list item to curiosity of ultimate potential, but my view may be a bit more specific.

As a crossfitter that is considering entering a sanctioned weightlifting meet, you should consider two things. Do you have a goal in mind? And, what growth or perspective can be gained from competing?

To the first question my hope would be to test your training and gather a new snatch and cjk baseline moving forward in your training.

To the second question I would hope that you come to a realization of the nature of weightlifting and its “gameday” culture. You will see how all of your training and all of your practice culminates into six competition attempts lasting no more than 1minute in total time of execution.

This urgency and vital nature, of why technique and determination through correct movement, is displayed when you challenge yourself to participate in a competitive weightlifting meet. There are no redos or mulligans.

Crossfit wants to prepare you for and simulate real world challenges, and to me there is no more real test and application to the pass/fail of life trials than the immediate succeed or fail of a competition attempt.

So now that this weightlifting meet sounds like a do or die situation, I’d like to relay the importance of entering with the intent to have fun and enjoy the moment. As with life, even the most intense moments can be made more doable when the mind is clear and the anxiety removed.

The nerves and adrenaline will surely start to rise as the competition begins, so use that as a performance boost and enjoy the moment : )

Strenght in Faith
Mike Cerbus