I am posting this early so that you guys can get a chance to get your sweatpants and long socks together! this wod has rope climbs in it! dress accordingly!

Teams of 3

5 Rounds, 3 Min On, 1 Min Off

American Kettlebell Swings 55/35

Rope Climbs

Front Squats 185/125

Notes: pace is controlled by the rope climbs, when 1 rope climb is complete partner 1 will run over to Partner 2 who is doing front squats, then Partner 2 will will run from front squats across the gym to kettlebell swings, partner 3 who was doing kettlebell swings will run to rope climbs. This will be the cycle for the entire workout. You cannot move to the next station until you have been tagged out, and can keep working until you are tagged out.

***front squats are set up at north end of the gym and kettlebells are set up at the south end of the gym.

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