Weightlifting Complex

1 Full Snatch
3 Hip Snatches


All lifts must be performed unbroken, you must wear an ugly christmas sweater as it is a part of your score.

All Snatches are performed into full squat

For the three hip snatches, you may not pass below mid  thigh during your dip-drive (Typically it doesn’t travel at all, but we are allowing a little movement)


You will be scored on

Bodyweight Coefficient (weight lifted v.s. bodyweight)
How Ugly your sweater is

We will be using golf scoring, for instance, if someone gets 2nd in the complex, but 8th in the sweater. Their score is 10. If you get 1st in the sweater and 6th in the complex, your score is 7 and you win!


Make sure you have a coach video your attempt and weigh you in!

You are able to submit your videos from December 2nd – December 20th

Oh, and here is a full video of the complex as well