Well Food Co Cookie Party!!!

Next Tuesday December 10th we will be having a Well Food Co cookie party. Why you might ask? Everyone did such an amazing job raising money for Wade’s Army that we ended up as the top fundraising team with $3,500! As a token of appreciation from Crossfit Football/Power Athlete/Wade’s Army we were given a gift card to Well Food Co, and since a lot of you had a hand in getting us to that number one spot we want to share it with all of you! After looking at all the products and with a little suggestion from Tex of Power Athlete HQ we decided to go with a cookie party. So thank you again for everyone that helped us get to where we finished at, and lets make it even bigger next year!


You can find out more information about Well Food Co and the products that they offer be clicking here. This is also the same company that we get our grass-fed whey protein from.