Some of these CFSB Staff members you won’t be seeing because they hustle in the background of CFSB, but you’ll be seeing Mike occasionally out on the CFSB floor, give him some shit! also, give the girls shit too.


Jessica Sieff

Social Media/Marketing for CrossFit South Bend.

Joined CrossFit South Bend in September, 2011 through the accelerated on ramp and have been coming back ever since. Would encourage anyone even the least bit interested in CrossFit to take part in the on ramp classes or schedule an introduction.

As a freelance writer covering CrossFit events, athletes and gyms for CrossFit HQ and Again Faster, I’ve visited gyms in several states and CrossFit South Bend is a rare one – with exceptional coaching, a strong, genuine community – you’ll find a place that will change your outlook on fitness and odds are, you’ll want to keep coming back too.

Currently a freelance journalist; account supervisor – corporate communications and media strategy for Ketchum Inc.


Mike Stephen

Started Crossfit November 2009
Level 1 certification January 2011
Day job: computer programmer

I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee for various club teams since ’98
and qualified for Nationals the last 3 years. Very excited to have a
chance to coach with such fun and talented people at CFSB.


Emily Clem

I started CrossFit in March of 2011 by going through OnRamp with Carl. Once I was done with that, I started training using CrossFit Football. I love strength training & really enjoy the power lifts the most (i.e. back squats, shoulder press, bench press & deadlift). My most favorite lift is the deadlift. I also enjoy prowler pushes/ farmer’s walks as well as strict pull ups.

In June of 2013, I attended my first CrossFit Football seminar and became certified. I don’t have my Level 1 yet but it’s on my bucket list.

As the “Joy Girl” at CFSB, I’ll be handling the answering of general inquiry emails as well as various tasks related to memberships. Outside of CFSB, I work as the Marketing & Membership Coordinator at the Center for History in South Bend and am the Assistant Girls Swim Coach/Dryland Coach at Elkhart Central High School.

Fun fact: I have a slight obsession with the TV Show “Friends” and have a “Friends” SceneIt game that I will gladly beat anyone at 😉