We had an excellent Black Friday with 10 people signing up for the 2014 Whole90 nutrition challenge. For those of you who haven’t signed up yet for the challenge here’s some more info for you about the challenge. We hope you decide to join us for our biggest and best challenge yet!

What’s included in the 90-day nutrition challenge?

Weights, Measurements and Pictures to monitor progress every month of the challenge

Weekly Food Journal Review via email

Unlimited email questions to your coach

Weekly health and nutrition talks by Robby Gustin (see below for the list of talks)

Talks for the Whole90 Challenge

Clean Slate/Elimination Phase (Whole30)


Eliminate all problematic foods to get a jump start on health and weight loss


1. Introduction to Healthy Nutrition (Jan. 5th)

2. Science of Healthy Nutrition: Proteins, Carbs, and Fats (Jan. 12th)

3. Why You Should Avoid Certain Foods: What’s so bad about grains, dairy, and legumes? (Jan. 19th)

4. There’s More to Health than Nutrition: The Importance of Stress, Sleep, and Sun & Fitness, Friends, and Fun (Jan. 26th)

Reintroduction Phase (Post Whole30)


Reintroduce certain foods to see if you can tolerate them


5. How to Eat Healthy For the Rest of Your Life: The Art and Science of Reintroducing Foods (Feb. 1st) (On Saturday as opposed to Sunday to avoid the Superbowl)
6. Practical Paleo: Tips for making the most out of your new Paleo lifestyle (Feb. 9th): Costs, Cooking, Dealing with non-Paleo Family&Friends, Blood Tests for Health, Eating out at Restaurants, Paleo Resources
7. How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of Your Food: Eating Seasonally and Locally for the best food (Feb. 16th)
8. The Science of Micro-nutrition: What are the most important micronutrients and how much should I be consuming? (Feb 23rd)

Personalization Phase

Personalize your nutrition for your own individual needs


9. How to Personalize Your Nutrition for Athletic Performance (Mar. 2nd)

Week off

10. How to Deal with Autoimmune Thyroid Issues (Mar. 16th)

11. Digestion: All that you ever wanted to know about poop and probiotics (Mar. 23rd)

12. How to Get Your Cholesterol Under Control Without Taking a Statin (March 30th)

Our goal for this year is 30 people participating so sign up today at the following link.