12 minutes to find

Tempo Back Squat 2rm – 30×1

3 seconds down, 0 seconds at the bottom, fast as possible up, 1 second at the top.

rest 3 minutes

12 minutes to find

Bench Press 2rm

rest 3 minutes

9 minute amrap

30 Yard Shuttle

10 Kettlebell Snatches 55/35

10 Push Ups

1. Thanks for coming out over the last couple weeks Jersey Boys! Jason, Ian, Nick, Desi, Lonnie. Its been awesome having! Have fun  in Philadelphia, and swing by whenever you’d like!

2. Aj killed it at his Gymnastics meet, awesome job AJ! Scores below

Scores :
Rings 11.1 – 1st
Parallel 9.5 – 2nd
High bar 9.3 – 2nd
Vault 9.6 – 4th
Floor 6.7
Mushroom / horse 8.1 -7th
All around individual – 2nd
His team took -1st all around


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