This Saturday! Bring a friend day! Bring as many people as you would like!


Barbell Lunge 3×12 AHAP (6 each leg)


Teams of 2

5 Rounds (each)

5 Floor Presses AHAP

10 Lateral Hops over your bar

Sprint 10yds out and back

Check out our Facebook page for some pictures and videos from the Indiana Open!  5 Crossfitters got medals, everyone did awesome. Thanks to everyone who drove 4 HOURS to get there, and stayed ALL FREAKING DAY! Thanks for the Coaching support Carl, it was a long day, but a good time for only 6 lifts 🙂 So much fun hanging out with all of you!

Hey everyone! this will be the last week for Toys for Tots and Coat drop offs! Drop them off before the 20th! don’t forget!

A few other random things.

Holiday Gym Closings here


Hands falling asleep? A post about numbness and tingling in your hands!