this will be the last day for the ugly sweater complex!


Teams of 4

18 minute amrap




1 Round 10 Air Squats, Sprint, 10 Kettlebell swings sprint back.

As you can see with the picture below. We have a team of 4, Professor plum, miss peacock, miss scarlet, and colonel mustard.

Professor plum will rest, miss peacock will hold a plank, if miss peacock drops before its her turn to shift forward in line, she will add to the burpee penalty to be paid for at the end of class by the team members. Miss scarlet will rest. Colonel Mustard will perform 10 air squats, sprint across the gym, perform 10 kettlebell swings, sprint back, and tag miss scarlet and colonel mustard return to the back of the line, miss scarlet will then perform the air squats, sprint, and kettlebell swings and sprint back. and professor plum will hold the plank during miss scarlets turn.

I hope this made it terribly complicated for you all. We will explain it in class.

photo copy 3