Attention! so, a lot of people are thinking the first talk is from 12-4, it is not, that is kind of the stock time that frontdesk threw on to the challenge details. Read below for the time on Sunday for the first meeting! I compiled a few of Robby’s emails he sent out just in case some of you had not received them or in case you lost them!


Meeting Timeline Email 

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow’s the big day when we officially start our Whole90. If you haven’t gotten yourself weighed and measured yet please sign up to do that soon. I hope everyone has their meals planned out for the week (at the very least for tomorrow). Here’s a great timeline that gives you a sense of what the first 30 days are going to be like.

It definitely won’t be ponies, unicorns, and rainbows all the way through, but I promise by the end you’ll be in a much better place health wise than you were before.

Our first talk will be tomorrow from 6:30-7:30pm at the gym. I’ll be talking about the basics of healthy nutrition and how to make your first 30 days as successful as possible.

Please let me know if you have any questions at

I wish you all the best of luck,


Talks for the whole 90

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend. Before I give you the list of talks for the Whole90 I just wanted to remind everyone that we have a Paleo cooking class exclusively for Crossfit South Bend members taking place at the Martin’s in Heritage Square on January 11th from 5-7pm. This would be a great opportunity to learn how to make healthy recipes, and to ask the instructor any questions you might have. It costs $25 and is open, at the same price to friends and family members of CFSB members. Here is the link to sign up:

Recipes included (all Whole30 approved): Zucchini fettuccine with rosemary butternut squash creme sauce; Balsamic garlic pork tenderloin with a cranberry apple chutney and roasted carrots; Braised short ribs with mashed cauliflower and celery root; Paleo Kung Pao Chicken with cauliflower rice; Crab cakes with lemon aioli

Here is the final draft of the schedule for the Whole90 talks. The talks will take place at the gym every Sunday of the challenge from 6:30-7:30pm (with two exceptions, see schedule below for exceptions). I do apologize if the time is not convenient for anyone, but it’s quite difficult to schedule a time that always works for everyone. Talks will be about an hour in length, but may take longer depending on the number of questions. I’m always happy to stay later and answer any questions you might have. Without further ado here is the schedule:

  • Talks for the Whole90 Challenge
  • Clean Slate/Elimination Phase (Whole30)
  • Goals
  • Eliminate all problematic foods to get a jump start on health and weight loss
  • Talks
  • 1. Introduction to Healthy Nutrition (Jan. 5th)
  • 2. Science of Healthy Nutrition: Proteins, Carbs, and Fats (Jan. 12th)
  • 3. Why You Should Avoid Certain Foods: What’s so bad about grains, dairy, and legumes? (Jan. 19th)
  • 4. There’s More to Health than Nutrition: The Importance of Stress, Sleep, and Sun & Fitness, Friends, and Fun (Jan. 26th)
  • Reintroduction Phase (Post Whole30)
  • Goals
  • Reintroduce certain foods to see if you can tolerate them
  • Talks
  • 5. How to Eat Healthy For the Rest of Your Life: The Art and Science of Reintroducing Foods (SATURDAY FEB 1ST from 6:30-7:30PM to avoid running into Superbowl on Sunday)
  • 6. Practical Paleo: Tips for making the most out of your new Paleo lifestyle: Paleo on a Budget, Cooking Tips, Dealing with non-Paleo Family&Friends,  Eating out at Restaurants, Blood Tests for Health, and the many different shades of Paleo  (Feb. 9th)
  • 7. How to Eat the Most Nutritious Foods and How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of Your Food (Feb. 16th)
  • 8. The Science of Micro-nutrition: Do I have to take a multivitamin or is real whole food good enough? (Feb 23rd)
  • Personalization Phase
  • Goals
  • Personalize your nutrition for your own individual needs
  • Talks
  • 9. How to Personalize Your Nutrition for Athletic Performance (Mar. 2nd)
  • March 9th-Week off (I’ll be back in California visiting family)
  • 10. How to Deal with Autoimmune Conditions and in particular Autoimmune Thyroid conditions(Mar. 16th)
  • 11. Digestion: All that you ever wanted to know about poop and probiotics (Mar. 23rd)
  • 12. How to Get Your Cholesterol Under Control Without Taking a Statin (March 30th)
Please let me know if you have any questions.



How to do a food journal 

Hi everyone,

For the 90 day nutrition challenge you will be able to send a weekly food journal to your coach, which will allow us to give you advice on how to improve your nutrition practices throughout the challenge. We will be emailing you about the coach you’ll be assigned to  soon. Each coach will let you know his own specific guidelines about when he wants the food journal turned in and when you will receive it back.

Our goal with this challenge is to help you achieve your goals, and in order to do that it’s very helpful to have a weekly food journal from you. I get a lot of questions about how to do a food journal. If you’d like to know how to do a food journal see my own food journal below:

Monday 7/29
Time: 7:30am
Protein: 6oz salmon filet
Veggies: full large plate of organic spring mix salad
Healthy Fat: 2tbsps of lemon olive oil on spring mix salad
Fruit (Optional):  .5lb of strawberries
Time: 12:00pm
Protein: 8oz Chicken Breast
Veggies: Sauteed Kale; Cucumber slices
Healthy Fat: Cooked Chicken and kale in 1tbsp of coconut oil each
Fruit (Optional): small package of blueberries
Time: 5:30pm
Protein: 10oz grass-fed steak
Veggies: 1 large sweet potato; roasted broccoli
Healthy Fat: Cooked the steak, sweet potato, and broccoli in 1tbsp of ghee each
Fruit (Optional): Banana

Mood: Good
Sleep: 8hrs
Exercise: 1hr of Crossfit

If you like, you can just copy and paste this for all subsequent days. You don’t ned to do it in this format, but it’s an option. If you want to add basic info on mood, sleep and exercise that’s also helpful for us as coaches.  It’s also very helpful if you can give us a sense of the amount of protein you’re eating in ounces (count each egg as an ounce) and fats in tbsps (unless it’s a solid fat like avocado).  It doesn’t need to be scientifically exact but a rough estimate is helpful.

Red flags that we will be looking for:
(Note: If you’re doing the Swole90 some of these rules might be different)
1. Not eating breakfast
2. Not having three meals a day
3. Substituting Fruits for veggies
4. It’s sounds incredibly obvious but not having protein, veggies, and healthy fat at every meal
You need to have protein, veggies and some healthy fat at every single meal
5. Skimping on fat
Do not skimp on healthy fat. You should have 1-4tbsps at each meal
6. Trying to Calorie Restrict
Do not worry about restricting calories. Just eat quality food according to this template.
7. Having too many snacks
There should be no more than 1-2 snacks a day, ideally none. If you’re hungry make your meals bigger.
8. Having too much fruit
No more than one piece of fruit directly AFTER each meal. Try your best to have your fruit only with meals not on its own. This is especially true for breakfast. Exception: if you’re having a really crappy day and all that stands between you and going to McDonalds is eating apple on its own have the apple.

I hope that helps.



Resources and new measurement system

Hi everyone,

 I hope you’re all having a good weekend. Since we start the Whole90 challenge in a little over a week I wanted to send you some resources to help you make the best of the challenge. But before I do that I wanted to let everyone now about our new and improved scheduling system for weights and measurements that Brandon set up. Just click the link below to schedule an appointment. This is the best way to set up a time for weights, pictures, and measurements.
Here is a resource guide to help put you on the right track for the 90 day challenge. In particular it would be a really good idea to order your healthy fats like ghee, coconut oil, tallow, duck fat, etc. and your sugar free bacon now so that you have it in time for the challenge.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome to the Whole 90

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and holiday season. We’re really glad that you all decided to join us, and we hope you’re all ready to see some amazing health transformations in your life. I’ve met most of you at the gym, but there are a few of you on the list who I haven’t met in person. My name is Robby Gustin, and I’m the head nutrition coach at Crossfit South Bend. I’ll be in charge of the Whole90 challenge, and I’ll be doing all the weekly talks throughout the challenge. I’ll be sending you more emails as we get closer to our start date of Sunday January 5th, but I just wanted to email you all initially to let you know some things you can start doing now to get ready for the challenge.
Here is the first and most important resource you should consult about the first 30 days of our challenge. This will give you a number of tips for thriving during the first 30 days and beyond.
What should you be doing right now before the start of the 90-Day Nutrition Challenge?
  1. E-mail Brandon or Carl at or to schedule an appointment for measurements, pictures and weighing in before January 5th. These initial measurements, pictures, and weights, are really important so please take the time out to come have them done. [I’ll be home visiting family in Southern California until January 4th, which is why you need to email Carl and Brandon for the measurements. But I’ll still be available via email for any questions you might have]
  2. Empty your house of bad food! Trust me, if it’s in your house/apartment you’ll eat it. Get it out now.
  3. Over the next few days, try making a few paleo meals to find out what you like or don’t like. If you don’t know what a Paleo meal looks like this link will give you a bunch of great ideas.
  4. Make a plan for your first week of the challenge. Write down meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your first seven days at least.
  5. Make sure that you try to go shopping for the week at the beginning of each week so you’re not caught off guard.
  6. Remember it is your responsibility to contact us about measurements, weights, and pictures. We will help you as much as you help yourself, but we won’t hound you to do these things if you don’t want to do them. These things are included in the money you payed for the challenge so I strongly suggest you take advantage of them.
Right now we’re at 21 people for the challenge,which is a great number that I’m very happy with. Ideally, we’d like to reach 30 people before Janaury 5th. So, if you know anyone who is interested let them know that they can sign up at the exact same price of $150 as long as they are a friend or family member of someone who is a member at the gym. Here’s the link to sign up if you’d like to send it to your friends.
Remember we also have a Paleo cooking class on January 11th at the Martin’s in Heritage Square in Granger that will specifically focus on healthy meals you can make for the duration of the challenge. If you’d like to sign up for that just click the link below:
Please email me at if you have any questions.