Its bring a friend day again! Bring your friends, your friends friends, and if you don’t have a friend here, and you are reading this…Just show up, and bring your friends, then make new friends earlier on in the day, then invite them too. Oh, and On Rampers, if you guys are feeling good from yesterday, you come in too, and bring your friends. So many friends. Then call an old friend you maybe had an argument with, and make up with them, and invite them…but its a trick, we will put you on separate teams and you can crush them in the workout and secretly hurt their feelings, you never intended on making up with them did you?!

I forgot what was happening.

Bring a friend day!


3 Rounds

Max Effort Kettlebell Swings in 55 seconds 55/35

15 Seconds Rest

Max Effort Box Step Ups in 55 Seconds 24/20

15 Seconds Rest


Partner Wod

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of

30 Push Ups

60 Air Squats

30 Plate Ground to Overhead 45/25

Note: For our Open competitors, If you and your partner don’t go all out on the workout, you will be penalized by being put into the “friend zone”


A little miss Gretchen Rambadt has started a blog about being a Paleo College student, I love the idea seeing as how we have a ton of College students trying it for the first time. Perhaps she can do some posts about some tips and tricks for being Paleo as a student! Click here to visit her blog, then comment a bunch of random stuff for no reason to her blog.  (Hi Gretchy!)