Now introducing Childcare at Crossfit South Bend, beginning Tuesday February 4th.

Before we get into the scheduling, pricing, rules, and what not, I’d like to go over the reasoning behind our Crossfit South Bend childcare, for all of you with children, thats including myself and my child. Keep in mind that I value all of your input, post to comments, send me an email, or ask me in person if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

How it Works

1. Want to use childcare? Make sure you have emailed Brandon (Click here to do so) to set up your account for childcare, and to let him know you are interested in childcare.

2. Let us know if you’ll be using childcare monthly, or on a day pass occasionally.

3. Sign up at least 24 hours in advance on Frontdesk for childcare, you may do multiple days in advance. Click here to head to childcare on front desk

Reason behind offering Childcare at CFSB 

Before we get going, I love all of you members, and your children, I love playing with children, and I’m not trying to be a grinch 🙂 but we are beginning to find a happy medium between being an easy going gym with pretty lax rules, and having some rules in place to enforce safety and comfort for the members and  their children.We have noticed that, as we get to become a larger gym, we have more and more children in the gym. Which means many things. Distractions for the Parents, Distractions for the members and coaches, and safety issues for the children.

We have always had a lax policy with children inside the gym, letting them play on equipment, and run around freely during class, as posted in our “gym rules” under the “about us” section of the blog for the last few years we have had this stated

If you brought children, it is YOUR responsibility to watch them, not ours.

Meaning that if your children are running around during class, playing on equipment, or getting in the way of the class, the parent was to stop what they were doing immediately and remedy this.

We completely understand that changing out policy on children in the gym may cause difficulty for some parents, but we have noticed that our prior lax policy does not work effectively and we must do something about it. We hate making things more difficult on you, but the last thing we want, is one of the children at CFSB getting injured by someone or something in the gym.

I know the last thing parents want to do is stop mid workout, a time that is meant to be their time to escape everything, to run and tend to their child. The last thing a member wants to have to worry about is looking for kids before sprinting across the room, the last thing a coach wants to do is pick up everything that has been pulled out by the kid, and before everything, no one wants their child to get smooshed by a falling barbell.

So before we go any further, we want your kids safe, the parents the and members happy as we become a bigger and better gym.


We are beginning this schedule in a simple format, and then we will expand upon it depending on the popularity and need for childcare. If you answered the Childcare Questionnaire that I posted quite a bit ago, I took your answers into consideration for now and future classes.

Tuesday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 10:00am

All open gym times available for a Parent Co-op program, as long as there is a responsible adult present to watch the children.

Pricing for Childcare

These prices are set, not to make money for CFSB, but to make the minimum to pay for the time we will have Childcare staff present. If you are using a Daily pass we will add tally marks throughout the month and charge your card on a monthly basis for it. If you are using the Month of Unlimited Childcare, we add it to your membership when your membership runs.

Daily Pass Drop in

1 Kid – $5

2 Kids – $10

3 Kids – $15

Unlimited Monthly Pass for Childcare (2 times per week)

1 Kid – $30 per month

2 Kids – $40 per month

3 Kids – $50 per month

Organizing a Co-op

Per our rule below

“Children are not permitted to be in the childcare area without staff  or responsible adult present.”

If the parents of CFSB would like to organize and create a Co-op to watch children on off childcare times, they are allowed to, as long as the rules of the childcare area are adhered to.


Children are not permitted to be in the childcare area without staff  or responsible adult present.

Parents may drop off their child a maximum of 10 minutes before class start time and pick up no later than 10 minutes after class ending time.

Parents and legal guardians must remain in the gym while their children are in the childcare area. Parents may not leave the premise for any reason while their children are in the childcare area.

Children between the ages of 6 weeks and 9 years are accepted into the childcare area. If your child is older than 9 years, they are allowed out into the gym pending they can behave appropriately.

Children should arrive with a dry diaper, as attendants are not permitted to change diapers. Should it be necessary, the Crossfit South Bend staff will get the parent from the workout floor.

No food, candy, or gum is allowed in the childcare area. Clear drinks in spill-proof containers are acceptable. Please label all items.

Bare feet will not be permitted at any time. Please have shoes and/or socks on children.

Crossfit South Bend is not responsible for any lost or damaged items brought from home. Any property your child brings from home should be properly labeled. Coins, balloons, toy guns, and toy swords are not permitted in the nursery.

The childcare staff reserves the right to refuse childcare to anyone at any time.

If your bring a baby during open gym hours while there are no classes going on, you may have your baby in a pack and play in the gym area.

Crossfit South Bend reserves the right to suspend childcare privileges from any member who consistently neglects the policies.

The only children that are authorized to be in child watch are those of the members.

All Parents must sign a waiver for their Children

All children must be signed in and out.

All Children must be pre-registered on frontdesk for childcare at least 24 hours prior to class –  click here for front desk

These rule are subject to change at any time per the decision of Crossfit South Bend staff.

Sick Children

Childcare staff members are prohibited from administering any medications.

Health regulations prohibit us from allowing children with any of the following symptoms into the childcare area:

Flu-like symptoms(nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, diarrhea)

Reddened sore throat

Rashes of any kind

Severe nasal discharge or productive cough

Childcare staff members reserve the right to refuse service if they deem a child too ill to render services. A child will not be accepted into the childcare area until they have been symptom- free for 24 hours.

If your child does not attend school due to an illness, they will not be admitted into the childcare area.

Appropriate Behaviors

Children are expected to behave appropriately for their age group. Repeated disregard for rules or failure to listen to childcare staff will result in a short “time out” for children 2 and older. Redirection will be used to address behavior problems for children younger than 2.

Parents will be called to the nursery if their child is behaving inappropriately. If this is a repeated occurrence, a course of action will be decided upon by the parent and childcare staff. Crossfit South Bend reserves the right to suspend childcare privileges for a specified period of time, if deemed necessary.

Parents will be called back to the nursery if their child continues to cry for a period in excess of 15 minutes.

If your child has been cleared to be out in the gym, and misbehaves, it will be up to the Crossfit South Bend staff to determine whether or not they should be in childcare.


Can my kids be out on the gym floor?

If you believe your children can behave out on the gym floor, they can be tested out of childcare by either Carl or I and be cleared to be out on the gym floor, this rule only applies to children above the age of 9.

What does “behaving” consist of?

Listening to Crossfit South Bend staff

Not running across the gym floor or matted area.

Not playing on or with gym equipment

What if I come in during a time where there is no childcare and I have my children?

You may bring someone else (a responsible adult) to watch your children, or they will not be allowed in the gym. There MUST BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT IN THE CHILDRENS AREA AT ALL TIMES WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT IN THE CHILDCARE AREA.

When are Children allowed in the gym area?

When there are not people training anywhere on the gym floor, and there is no class in session.