10 Minute Amrap (Compare to last results here)

50 Power Snatches 75/55 (4 minute cap)

75 Wall Balls 20/14, 10’/9′ (4 minute cap)

Max Muscle Ups (2 minute cap)


Substitution for Muscle ups will be 3 chest to bar pull ups + 3 push ups this time through

You’ll notice this is the wod from last Wednesday, this is good practice for those of you intending on doing the open wods twice in a week. There is a slight change up for this wod the second time through.

If you finish the power snatches in under 4 minutes, continue moving through the workout as you normally would, the same for the wall balls, if you finish the wall balls in under 8 minutes, you will continue through the workout normally.

But, if you are at 30 Snatches at the 4 minute cap, you will move on to the wall balls no matter what repetition you are on, if it is under the prescribed rep mark for that cap, you will continue on.



Be a Good Gym Member: Safety, Respect and Taking Care of Equipment – Catalyst Athletics

Speaking of…We have a pair of Jerk Boxes in the gym now, pictured below, and we should have another pair in the near future. What are Jerk Boxes? They can be used for things like Pulling from different heights for Olympic Weightlifting, or to jerk off of.

Don’t use them unless you know how to treat them with respect.