So as we get closer to the Crossfit Open Competitive season, and onward into the training year for 2014/2015. It may bring about questions about the want for individual program design for athletes.

I’ve had this in a few different formats in the past and have changed it as I put out more programming for athletes and learn more about the athletes needs across the gym. All programs are not created equal.

For instance, the complexity of the program being a huge determining factor, along with the athletes lifestyle. Designing a pull up program for an athlete who has all the time in the world, is far easier than designing two months worth of competitive Crossfit programming for an athlete who works and goes to school.

The consultation is free and will involve a discussion about

The Athletes Goal(s) and Lifestyle factors that contribute to the athletes success in those goals, if the athlete wants in person training as well, or check ins through office time, if the athlete is familiar with the movements in the program design, otherwise the athlete may be directed toward skill sessions with a coach prior to the program design.

The Coach will then gather all of the information needed to determine how many hours of work is needed to create said program, the coach will then create an quote and send it to the athlete to look over and determine whether they would like to move forward with the Program Design.