Close Grip Bench Press 3rm

1 x Max Reps @ 80%


3rm, and All reps at 80% must have a “One Onethousand” count pause on the chest.


For Time

3 Full Cleans

6 Ring Dips

6 Full Cleans

12 Ring Dips

9 Full Cleans

18 Ring Dips


Full Cleans are AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE. Choose the weight you believe you can use throughout the entire workout and keep the weight the same.

Ring Dip scaling is as follows

1. Rxd, 2.  Blue or Red band ONLY while demonstrating stable shoulder position  3.Push Ups through Parallettes (deficit push up, stack feet on box) 4. Regular Push Ups 5. Knee Push Ups


The Crossfit Open starts on Thursday night! Get your shit together!

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