Attention Crossfit Open Competitors:

The programming through the week will be geared toward the members training through the open, not to peak for a particular schedule during the open. I have released a few videos on how we think you should train during the open if you are intending on doing your best. I put them here on our Crossfit Open Facebook Page

We will be having the Crossfit Open wods as the class wods on Saturday, those wods will not be released until Thursday night. So throughout the week we cannot forsee what they will be throwing at us for our Saturday CFO Wod. So to summarize

If you are not registered for the Crossfit Open and your score does not matter as much to you, keep calm and train your normal schedule.

If you are registered, or even if you aren’t registered, and your score matters to you. Join the facebook page I linked to, watch the videos, and use your brain through the week when it comes to your Intensity/Volume in the days prior to your open wod.


15 minutes to establish a Power Snatch heavy double

then perform

2 Power Snatches @ 80% every 2:30 for 3 Rounds


4 Minute Ladder @ 80% pace, Not for points – no score goes up

2 Toes to Bar

2 Box Jumps with Step Down 24/20

Rest 1 minute

4 minute amrap @ Crossfit Open Pace

30 Wall Balls 20#/14# – 10’/9′

20 Double Unders


*Keep the Power Snatch heavy double clean and to weightlifting standards – not a max, just heavy for the day

*First 4 minute ladder ttb/bj, practice breathing -good positions – successful reps move through it steadily, but don’t ruin yourself

*wb/dbl unders amrap is at game pace


Validation Schedule for Open Wods

Notes for Open Competitors – Video, Signing Up and joining the team