Week 1 of the Crossfit Open at Crossfit South Bend is up, the scores are in, and we couldn’t have asked any of our 50 CFSB team members that signed up, to work any harder.

Whether you have been training for the open year round, just competing on a whim, or just signed up at Crossfit South Bend. I hope you “enjoyed” that first wod. It may not seem like much, but signing up for and competing in the open, at any athletic level, is great development for you. You learn a lot about yourself during a competitive atmosphere.

What did I train for this year? How often did I train? How often was my nutrition on point? How well did I recover? Did I follow my program all the way through? Did I work on my weaknesses? Did I set realistic goals? Did I relentlessly attack those goals no matter how many hurdles were in my way?

What did I do this year, and how is it affecting me now.

What am I training for?

These are all questions that get answered when you compete. Not just competing in the open, but competing in whatever you are training for.

Know what you are training for, and if its important to you, you’ll track your progress and work toward it relentlessly and have patience. Then one day you can look back and see how far you’ve come.