12 minutes to work to a Tempo Back Squat x 2

12 minutes to work to a Close Grip Bench Press x 3


For Back Squats, 3 seconds down, no pause at bottom, fast as possible up, 1 second at the top

These are NOT MAXES, just a heavy lift for the day, leave a little in the tank.

The time caps for the lifts are non-negotiable, you are done as soon as the bell rings.


8 minute amrap

50 Calorie Row

50 Thrusters 45#

As many burpees in the time remaining as possible


If you do not finish the 50 calorie row in under 3:30, you must continue to 75 calories, these extra 25 calories do not apply toward your score at the end.



Cecilia killing it on 14.3!

What a lovely bottom – Catalyst Athletics