20 minute amrap

5 Power Cleans 145/100

10 Toes to Bar

15 Wall Balls 20#/14#, 10’/ 9′


*So, lets throw out that “don’t say I didn’t warn you” thing again. REMEMBER – If you are doing the open, and care about your score in the open, plan your intensity out carefully through the week, some of these workouts have a tendency to leave a lingering affect on your body and this could be one of them. Don’t try to “Crush” workouts that aren’t CFO Wods. In short, don’t be a dummy.

*If you ARE doing the CFO Wods, approach this as pacing practice and efficiency of movement practice. Don’t let your ego get in the way and go balls deep on the workout because you want to beat the person next to you. Instead, partition the time up in increasing rates of intensity. For instance (instead of heart rate percentages or an rpe scale, I’ll separate them in terms of the feel of the wod)

0-7 min – Each movement should be well thought out, addressing correct positions in the start and finish of the power cleans, work on things you know you may have a weakness with, turnover, landing under the bar, placing the bar correctly during touch and go, toes to bar and wall balls should be broken up such as there is absolutely no chance of you missing a repetition, you shouldn’t be anywhere near your redline. Quality of movement is main focus here.

7-14 min – Now you may start stringing the movements together, find an aerobic zone to sit in, you should be breathing heavier, but not gasping for air, still a huge emphasis on quality of movement here, slow down if anything gets sloppy. Use this time to really notice if anything may become an issue for you, chalking during toes to bar, depth of squat during wall ball, perhaps deciding whether singles or touch and go for the power cleans feel better and more sustainable for you here. You can bite bigger chunks out of the reps if you feel like it, but you shouldn’t be redlining at this point.

14-20 min – At this point you should feel pretty well put together, You know what you are capable of doing in the movements and what your redline may or may not be. These last 6 minutes employ your strategy for breaking up the reps and turn the pace up as much as you can while still keeping with your strategy, keep your focus in maintaining the movement quality as well with speed increasing.

and as always, don’t rip your f*cking hands, its not worth it.


I didn’t get the greenlight to post this picture 🙂 But I just wanted to congratulate Katrina on getting through the hiring process and into the police academy, she has worked very hard for it, and its paid off. Great job Katrina! Maybe one of these times they will give you a gun…