6 Rounds

2 Hang Power Snatches every 2:30


For Time

400m run

30 Toes to Bar

30 Box Jumps with step down 24/20


For the hang power snatch, you may move up or stay the same weight for all. You may also do a hang snatch if your mobility allows

Competitors notes:

Come in with a game plan of how you’d like to break up the TTB and your pace for the run. Also, time everything out and see if you can guess your finish time for the wod. For instance 400m (1:30) 30 ttb (3 second pace) allow 5 drops at 5 second rest during ttb with a 5 second transition to BJ, and 30 box jumps at 4 second pace per jump. Total time =  5:30 projected finish. Determine afterwards if your pace was appropriate/realistic and how to readjust if necessary.

Perform some Toe to bar and Box Jump mobility the night before.

and as always, pretend like there is a ghost judge next to you.