Push Press 1rm


3 Rounds

200m Run

7 Push Jerks @ 60-70% of Push Press 1rm

Rest 2 minutes between rounds


Score is total time, rest time included with the exception of the last round.

Weight is pulled from the floor.

This push press is a testing day, make sure you come in with a game plan on how you are going to beat your old one if you have one.

Competitors Notes:

Spend 10 minutes post workout on double under proficiency using gymnastics wod progression #1 here, progression #2, and progression #3.

Video tape yourself if possible to note technique flaws and attempt to eliminate them. Then perform 2 minutes of max double unders – try to keep them pretty – video tape this effort as well to note flaws.

CFSB 14.6 - 2014-22

I’ll be posting the pictures from our Pancake wod 14.6 tomorrow. Keep your eye on our blog and Facebook page!