Hey everyone –

We’re starting up a virtual reading group for members. We know there are plenty of you out there who are interested in getting more information – either through thoughts on a new book related to fitness or nutrition or an article found in among the interwebz.

Either way, we wanted to give you all a place to talk and share ideas on recommended reading. It’s pretty simple – we’ll start a Facebook group where everyone can find posts all in one place and leave all the conversations up to you.

Those of us currently reading a particular book might post notes and thoughts that are particularly interesting as well as any articles/blog posts and we want to invite anyone and everyone to jump in with any thoughts – at the very least, we hope the group will be a good resource for anyone looking for information and interesting reads.

We’ll be adding members to the group as we get started – but if you’re interested or have any questions contact Keith Davis at keithwdavis@gmail.com.

– Jess S.