Attention! There is only childcare at 9:00am Today! We are currently finishing hiring for childcare, so the hours should be good to go next week 🙂


Teams of 2

20 Alternating rounds

2:10 minutes to perform

Calorie Row (20cal men, 16cal female)

5 Burpees

Max Wall Balls in time remaining

Score is total Wall Balls between you and your partner.


Scale the burpees and rowing accordingly – I am looking for a particular amount of time spent doing wall balls out of the gate which will be explained during class.

IMG_3643 IMG_3642

LB! 5:30am Class

Hey everyone! we have been having some issues with our FrontDesk schedule, so I have created a new and hopefully easy to read schedule (click here). If anyone has any issues with it on any platforms, post to comments – and bookmark the new schedule!