What about this one??

Seven rounds for time of:

205 pound Clean, 3 reps
4 Ring handstand push-ups

Graham Holmberg 4:26, Chris Spealler 4:27, Kristan Clever 3:37 (HSPU). Post time to comments.

Here are some cool videos for you Scott!, some of the coolest sport videos that I got from the CFE site

Damien Walters Freerunning 2010

Kranked 8 Revolve

Reebok Eliminator

World Record ski jump

Digging Deep (watch this one until the end to watch the guy fly by)

Mondiala Mountain Bike Canberra 2009

Cyclocross compilation, love the song

The Death Race

Wingsuit Action

This one has to be the coolest freakin’ downhill bike race ever in Brazil

Free Running or “Parkour”

Downhill biking

Awesome surfing wipeouts

This looks like so much fun…”isla de man”