What is the On Ramp?

The emphasis of the On-Ramp is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements. It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing group classes. We are going to be hammering technique—both to ensure your safety—and success at the next level.

• We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then intensity.

• We will be showing you movements that begin with the relatively non technical and progressively more technical.

• It’s important that you are here for each of the 12 sessions as these movements build on one another.

• There will be a workout at the end of each day which will get progressively more challenging as the course progresses.

• The difficulty of these workouts is ultimately in your hands…the degree that you push yourself will determine how much suffering goes on. The class is called “On Ramp” for a specific reason…we want to ramp you up to the level of intensity and output that is inherent in our group classes.

• Shifts in body composition are one of the most motivating ways to measure success. We highly encourage you to take “Before” pictures at the beginning of the On-Ramp class.

What are some Other details about the program?

We base our On Ramp from the CF Norcal On Ramp Curriculum, Click here to check it out

This program isn’t only an On Ramp, its a Beginners program that progresses in difficulty through the months. So for instance if you are a little intimidated to jump right into the classes after the first month of the On Ramp, you can repeat the On Ramp as many times as you would like while Robby slowly ramps up the intensity and volume of your workouts.

What is the schedule of the On Ramp/Beginners Classes?

If you’ll notice on the calender below, there are 12 classes in each months on ramp/beginners class. Although you have a choice on Tuesdays or Thursdays of either a morning class, or an evening On Ramp class. You’ll be asked to commit to either one or the other upon signing up for the On Ramp.

The On Ramp Begins the first Tuesday of every month, then cycles through the 12 classes.

Tuesday 8:30am, 6:30pm

Thursday 8:30am, 6:30pm

Saturday 10:00am

What if I cannot make it to any of these classes?

Although we are making the On Ramp mandatory for new Crossfitters, if you cannot make it, that doesn’t mean its the end of your journey! we can chat about doing an accelerated program to get you ready for classes. For the Accelerated On Ramp class, we set up one on ones with you based off of your schedule to get you ready for class, this runs about 6 classes long.

*There is an extra charge of $45 on top of the regular membership fee for setting up 6 individual sessions. This is a one time fee.

Okay, how much is it?

The standard monthly prices which can be found here

Sounds good, how do I get started?

Just contact us and let us know you are interested!

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